Blog hopefully

Of bow ties and screwdrivers

I am a fifteen year old bored out of her mind and in desperate need to say something without actually saying a word. A blog sounded perfect.

On this page I will be sharing my nonsensical thoughts and rants about things everyone thinks and quite possibly, no one in their right mind would think of.

Feel free to share whatever opinions you have on the matters I may express. I will, to my best effort, try to answer all comments regarding the post, the page, or myself as well.

I haven’t come up with specific dates I will be posting (but who really does, right?). It could be one a week at a time or one every other day, just kinda depends on if I feel like it. (I know, I’m lazy).

A little about me? You already know I’m fifteen, as previously stated. I’m home schooled. In no way am I as smart as people take me for, though I would like to think I’m an A class student, I’m more a B minus (IQ: 130). I love to write when writer’s block doesn’t have me gasping for creative air (which, most of the time it does). I can say I have a fair hand at drawing, mostly cartoons. You could say I have an unhealthy obsession with SuperWhoLock, and if you don’t know what that is, I strongly recommend you google it. I would love to one day be a chemist, but I can’t even tell the difference between a neutron and an electron, so chemistry may be out of the question. Owning a book store it is. 🙂

That’s all I got for today, hope you enjoyed getting to know me. Go ahead and leave a comment, so I can learn a little more about you. Thanks for reading, until next time. Bow ties, out.


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