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So, plausible head-canon?


I have been thinking a lot about new stuff I could write out to wordpress, and in the process of doing so, my mind went off a bunny-trail (like always) and came across an idea. Maybe someone has come up with it as well. Feel free to elaborate with me.

As some of you may know. The popular TV show “Doctor Who”, is about an alien called “The Doctor”, who is a time and space traveler who goes around the universe saving galaxies and worlds, including our own. But, the topic isn’t about  The Doctor specifically. But, his time machine, also know as “The TARDIS”, which looks like an old police public call box.

“Why would someone want a little phone box as a their ship?” you may ask? ( Other than the fact that it’s stuck in that form for a reason that is too long than I feel like explaining.) It’s bigger on the inside, in fact, much bigger. I have actually heard it is infinite.

This also sounds like another, rather small spaced looking, wooden box. The wardrobe from “Narnia: The lion, The witch, and The wardrobe.” I,m not sure Narnia is infinite, but, it fits whole countries. Now, I do find many flaws in this theory, but, maybe we can find ways around them. Unlike with the TARDIS, you don’t walk into the wardrobe and expect to see a control panel that flies the wardrobe around space. I also had an idea that, maybe the White Queen didn’t actually freeze the land, but she is a Time Lord and froze time in winter. ( Can Time Lords freeze time?) Where did the wardrobe come from? A completely anonymous, plain looking wardrobe, that has a whole other world inside of it? Now, lets think about Professor Kirke and Mrs.Macready. A Professor and his companion? Maybe, the wardrobe is his TARDIS.

I dunno, you guys are clever. Leave in the comments your theories and head-canons. Until next time, BOW-TIES OUT!!


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