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A little about introverts.


I think most introverts, like myself, can relate to this pretty well. 

Are you ever forced to go places and parties by a friend or your family and you just cannot imagine yourself having a good time at all? That is me all of the time. I can relate. My family likes to go to home-school parties that their friends go to, and all kinds of little social clubs, where home schooler kids go to hang out and/or study. (Do public schoolers do that kind of stuff?) There is always something like that going on, at least, every week, that my family likes to go to with their friends. And, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for them to go hang out their friends, heck, I think it’s great that  my need to be alone doesn’t affect their need to be around other people. But, they seem to not understand that their need to be around other people, does affect my need to be alone. 

But, why drag me along? It will be hell for me. All of the annoying, pointless, small talk is murder to the introverted brain . If there is no comforting place where I can take a break from being surrounded by people, then there is going to be a line by the bathroom,  because I may just sit in there with panic eating at me until the whole thing is over. There is always an ocean of thoughts going through my head, “was he staring at me?” “Is there food?” “DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT.” “UGH, I hate it when people brush up against me.” *attractive person says hello* *I pretend I didn’t hear them to avoid me making a fool of myself* “Aww, cute kitty.” *tries to pet cat* *it hisses* *I walk away like no one saw*. *Sees couple getting smoochy* “Should I scare them or leave them be?”  *Someone I know, but do not like comes and hugs me* *I cringe in hesitation.* *Someone I do know and like hugs me* *Feels actually a little comforted now.*

Do I have anyone here who knows what I mean? If so, leave in the comments your personal experiences, and you extroverts. Try not to be so loud in the comment section. Introverts are like easily frightened kittens.


Until next time, BOW-TIES OUT!! 


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