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Rockin’ ripped trousers!


   This is an awkward story. Surprising enough, it doesn’t involve me being the object of ridicule.

Going to the mall with my sisters, my younger sister’s (ex) boyfriend and his parents to Christmas shop for family, friends, ect. The ex, whom I will not name. His dad is an extremely flamboyant, loud and proud-about-it, and kind of a hefty guy.

Him being late we had already eaten dinner at the mall before he got there. He arrived and was dressed like he just got out of bed, his pants looked a little worse for ware. But, being the time of night it was and the town we live in, the style he was pulling off so dreadfully wasn’t really that  uncommon.  Getting there he insisted we sit down a while longer so he could eat too, I didn’t really care, gave me a chance to finish my drink.

After he had finished we got up and headed toward Hot-Topic, Mr.Rick dropped something, bent over to pick it up, and split his pants. People walking past us giggled and commented under their breath, whilst I walked away and hid as well as I could. I couldn’t help but laugh along with the passerby’s. The hole went from the elastic around his waste, to in between his legs.

Coming back over after Mr.Rick’s wife had called all of us together to head to HT. I strode back over, still a little embarrassed to be part of this group now. Believing Rick was going to leave to change his now ruined sweats, that relieved my tension. Until, he protested having to leave.

Yes, he didn’t want to leave despite his accident. He disregarded any attempt to convince him to go. Longstory short. We walked around a mall for two and a half hours, with a forty-something year old, with a rip in his pants the size of a football.

Leave in the comments embarrassing stories you’ve seen firsthand. Until next time, BOW-TIES OUT!!


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