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Hela: Ruler of Hel, heir of Jotunheim

Dreary. Is what the more strong of heart calls Hel. The realm of lost souls is where Hela, the Norse goddess of death reigns and rules. A young woman also known for being the daughter of Loki, the god of trickery.

“What in Odin’s name is going on?” I shouted to my undead guards, as loud crashing an roaring could be heard above the moaning and weeping of the lost. From my throne, atop the obsidian hill, I could see what could not be mistaken, Frost Giants.

I had dealt with these giant, half witted, beasts before. There had been some trouble on the way things were being managed in Hel that the residents of Jotunheim were not too keen with, but did get resolved with a small war and days with sharing ale and feasts. This time is different, I can feel a certain anger that is being forced down.

Four giants reaching the steps of my pillared chapel, oddly, bowed their heads in my respect, strange because they are not in anyway required to do so, unlike in Jotunheim or Asgard.  “What is this?” I ask. In a gruff, deep voice, the first man replies,  “We have come to present you with news from Jotunheim. Your grandfather, Laufey, has passed.” I look at them in shock. Laufey is a Frost Giant. These are monsters that cause mass destruction, I am not part of that blood. At this moment, what I feel is almost fear and certainly doubt.

Before I could say anything he spoke again, “And your father, Loki, has fallen into the void, weather he returns is unlikely. You are the next in line for the throne.”  “Is this some sort of joke?” I say, my face now turning it’s right half to only bone, because of anger and possibly worry. “No, your majesty. Leadership is needed there, so we have decided this is the time to give you your birthright.” He replied. His large blue eyes flickered over to the bare side of my face, in what seemed almost to be concern.

Loki, I have met him a few times and did feel a connection. Like he was an old, messed up friend. If I am his daughter, then why did he never say anything?

Not wanting to keep the Giant waiting any longer, “How can you prove this?” I ask. “Odin All Father. He raised Loki as his own since your father was an infant. Odin hated your mother, and hated you for being the product of her. So, he killed your mother and cast you here, so that he would never have to see his son’s mistake.”

I was now ignoring what I trained myself to do, keeping eye contact, instead trying to keep the tear slipping from my eye. I have always known I was alone, I chose my whole life to avoid that fact, but it has come and hit me in the face in the worst way possible. Knowing now that I began with hate and lust, not love and compassion, hearing it makes me feel so small.

“Alright, I will go with you if I can bring a few of my men and women.” I requested. “Let us go then.” The man replied. I urged for my two guards, who are the closest I have ever had to family, Damien and Coura. Passing down and through my people, some give almost look curious, as curious as a dead spirit could be I suppose, spirits from the god and goddess district seem have their attention toward us now. Them being the most conscious spirits, it is understandable, but even their worshipers are looking now. They know I’m leaving, they’ll miss us, Coura Damien and I are the only living things that reside here. I feel we make them some feel some fraction of happiness in seeing we still are sentient.

“Your leadership, Ma’am. Are you sure it is safe to follow them to their realm? They will certainly outnumber us, and who knows of they are telling the truth.” Damien asked, whispering, hoping not to get the attention of the Giants. “We don’t know, but I have been sitting on that damn throne for too long, and assuming I really am the heir, they are a corrupt and abhorrent people, maybe I can change them.” I reply with a grin.


Rockin’ ripped trousers!


   This is an awkward story. Surprising enough, it doesn’t involve me being the object of ridicule.

Going to the mall with my sisters, my younger sister’s (ex) boyfriend and his parents to Christmas shop for family, friends, ect. The ex, whom I will not name. His dad is an extremely flamboyant, loud and proud-about-it, and kind of a hefty guy.

Him being late we had already eaten dinner at the mall before he got there. He arrived and was dressed like he just got out of bed, his pants looked a little worse for ware. But, being the time of night it was and the town we live in, the style he was pulling off so dreadfully wasn’t really that  uncommon.  Getting there he insisted we sit down a while longer so he could eat too, I didn’t really care, gave me a chance to finish my drink.

After he had finished we got up and headed toward Hot-Topic, Mr.Rick dropped something, bent over to pick it up, and split his pants. People walking past us giggled and commented under their breath, whilst I walked away and hid as well as I could. I couldn’t help but laugh along with the passerby’s. The hole went from the elastic around his waste, to in between his legs.

Coming back over after Mr.Rick’s wife had called all of us together to head to HT. I strode back over, still a little embarrassed to be part of this group now. Believing Rick was going to leave to change his now ruined sweats, that relieved my tension. Until, he protested having to leave.

Yes, he didn’t want to leave despite his accident. He disregarded any attempt to convince him to go. Longstory short. We walked around a mall for two and a half hours, with a forty-something year old, with a rip in his pants the size of a football.

Leave in the comments embarrassing stories you’ve seen firsthand. Until next time, BOW-TIES OUT!!

Does your cat do this too?




The little attention seeker.

End of  post.


A little about introverts.


I think most introverts, like myself, can relate to this pretty well. 

Are you ever forced to go places and parties by a friend or your family and you just cannot imagine yourself having a good time at all? That is me all of the time. I can relate. My family likes to go to home-school parties that their friends go to, and all kinds of little social clubs, where home schooler kids go to hang out and/or study. (Do public schoolers do that kind of stuff?) There is always something like that going on, at least, every week, that my family likes to go to with their friends. And, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for them to go hang out their friends, heck, I think it’s great that  my need to be alone doesn’t affect their need to be around other people. But, they seem to not understand that their need to be around other people, does affect my need to be alone. 

But, why drag me along? It will be hell for me. All of the annoying, pointless, small talk is murder to the introverted brain . If there is no comforting place where I can take a break from being surrounded by people, then there is going to be a line by the bathroom,  because I may just sit in there with panic eating at me until the whole thing is over. There is always an ocean of thoughts going through my head, “was he staring at me?” “Is there food?” “DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT.” “UGH, I hate it when people brush up against me.” *attractive person says hello* *I pretend I didn’t hear them to avoid me making a fool of myself* “Aww, cute kitty.” *tries to pet cat* *it hisses* *I walk away like no one saw*. *Sees couple getting smoochy* “Should I scare them or leave them be?”  *Someone I know, but do not like comes and hugs me* *I cringe in hesitation.* *Someone I do know and like hugs me* *Feels actually a little comforted now.*

Do I have anyone here who knows what I mean? If so, leave in the comments your personal experiences, and you extroverts. Try not to be so loud in the comment section. Introverts are like easily frightened kittens.


Until next time, BOW-TIES OUT!! 

So, plausible head-canon?


I have been thinking a lot about new stuff I could write out to wordpress, and in the process of doing so, my mind went off a bunny-trail (like always) and came across an idea. Maybe someone has come up with it as well. Feel free to elaborate with me.

As some of you may know. The popular TV show “Doctor Who”, is about an alien called “The Doctor”, who is a time and space traveler who goes around the universe saving galaxies and worlds, including our own. But, the topic isn’t about  The Doctor specifically. But, his time machine, also know as “The TARDIS”, which looks like an old police public call box.

“Why would someone want a little phone box as a their ship?” you may ask? ( Other than the fact that it’s stuck in that form for a reason that is too long than I feel like explaining.) It’s bigger on the inside, in fact, much bigger. I have actually heard it is infinite.

This also sounds like another, rather small spaced looking, wooden box. The wardrobe from “Narnia: The lion, The witch, and The wardrobe.” I,m not sure Narnia is infinite, but, it fits whole countries. Now, I do find many flaws in this theory, but, maybe we can find ways around them. Unlike with the TARDIS, you don’t walk into the wardrobe and expect to see a control panel that flies the wardrobe around space. I also had an idea that, maybe the White Queen didn’t actually freeze the land, but she is a Time Lord and froze time in winter. ( Can Time Lords freeze time?) Where did the wardrobe come from? A completely anonymous, plain looking wardrobe, that has a whole other world inside of it? Now, lets think about Professor Kirke and Mrs.Macready. A Professor and his companion? Maybe, the wardrobe is his TARDIS.

I dunno, you guys are clever. Leave in the comments your theories and head-canons. Until next time, BOW-TIES OUT!!

Of bow ties and screwdrivers

I am a fifteen year old bored out of her mind and in desperate need to say something without actually saying a word. A blog sounded perfect.

On this page I will be sharing my nonsensical thoughts and rants about things everyone thinks and quite possibly, no one in their right mind would think of.

Feel free to share whatever opinions you have on the matters I may express. I will, to my best effort, try to answer all comments regarding the post, the page, or myself as well.

I haven’t come up with specific dates I will be posting (but who really does, right?). It could be one a week at a time or one every other day, just kinda depends on if I feel like it. (I know, I’m lazy).

A little about me? You already know I’m fifteen, as previously stated. I’m home schooled. In no way am I as smart as people take me for, though I would like to think I’m an A class student, I’m more a B minus (IQ: 130). I love to write when writer’s block doesn’t have me gasping for creative air (which, most of the time it does). I can say I have a fair hand at drawing, mostly cartoons. You could say I have an unhealthy obsession with SuperWhoLock, and if you don’t know what that is, I strongly recommend you google it. I would love to one day be a chemist, but I can’t even tell the difference between a neutron and an electron, so chemistry may be out of the question. Owning a book store it is. 🙂

That’s all I got for today, hope you enjoyed getting to know me. Go ahead and leave a comment, so I can learn a little more about you. Thanks for reading, until next time. Bow ties, out.